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The Marketable Brand Framework

Learn the step by step process of creating a marketing plan for your small business that generates revenue and grows with you. 

Create a marketing plan

Implement the strategies

Scale your brand

Make your brand marketable

50% of small businesses today don't have a marketing plan in place. This leads to sporadic marketing efforts, unsuccessful strategies, and continual frustration with a process that doesn't have to be so complicated.

In its most simplified form, the Marketable Brand Framework is a guide designed to make small businesses as marketable as possible. This is done through a six step process that focuses on six elements every brand needs in order to become truly marketable. While many marketers in the current business environment try to coerce small business owners into trying unethical, ineffective marketing tactics, the Marketable Brand Framework helps these businesses create a long term marketing plan that grows with their business from wherever they’re starting to wherever they wish to go. 


But a plan is useless without effective execution, and this framework ensures success for small businesses by giving them actionable steps to take toward their goals. And if that’s not enough, The Marketable Brand also offers an entire marketplace of marketers trained in the framework, ready to assist on projects at any stage of the execution process. The process itself consists of 6 actionable steps. Each step represents a characteristic needed by a brand in order to be truly marketable. Let’s take a look at each…

MAR•KET•A•BLE: able or fit to be sold or marketed; in demand


The first part of the process is having a strong understanding of the marketplace your brand operates within. Being knowledgeable means understanding how to position your business within your industry, apart from your competition, to your customers. With the Marketable Brand Framework we teach a layered approach that peels back the various elements of a brand starting with the industry, then moving to that brand’s competitors, and ending with the target of the entire exercise, the customer. Without a solid understanding of these factors, the foundation of your entire brand strategy will be off. Like building a house on top of a weak foundation, a misunderstanding of who you target will lead to an ineffective message, wasted marketing dollars, and tons of frustration from the business leader… trust us, we’ve seen it. Equipped with this knowledge, we then walk through the process of creating a unique selling proposition that differentiates that brand from all others, no matter the amount of competition in that particular industry. 

  • Detailed industry analysis, including trends and outlook for the future

  • Competitor analysis and ways to differentiate from your brand from competition

  • Clear description of your target audience and their motivations, pain points, and desires from a brand in your industry

  • Positioning strategy that draws from all three factors to determine the best way to position your brand to your target audience


It’s important that a marketable brand creates relatable messaging that draws in their target audience. That’s why, after we’ve established a clear understanding of our target audience, we begin creating language geared toward their specific needs and desires. The way we do this is through what we call your Marketable Statement, a few sentences that capture the essence of what you do, the problem you solve, and the ways your customer can join in the story you are telling. From this statement, the rest of your messaging will emerge, from the copy used on your website to your social media accounts to your business cards and any other place your customer might hear about you. We then break down the components every good website should have to convert casual viewers to customers. From there, we translate the Marketable Statement into a search engine optimization strategy so that your site can reach the exact audience you are seeking to target with it. 

  • Plug-and-play Marketable Statement that will define your entire marketing message

  • Website design framework for generating more sales

  • SEO strategy that pushes more of your audience to your brand when searching online


A marketable brand fails as soon as it forgets to provide value to an audience. The modern consumer is on the lookout for manipulative tactics and overpromising language. That’s why demonstrating value for free is absolutely vital to a marketing plan that works. We walk brands through the process of not only creating value for their customers but doing it in a way that gently leads the customer through a funnel ending in a sale. This section is invaluable in building out an audience from scratch and selling a product or service to them in the most effective way possible.

  • Clear process for determining the lead magnet that your target audience will best respond to

  • Landing page to capture the contact information of your audience members

  • Templates for a high-converting email campaign to automate sales to your audience


A marketable brand is stagnant if it isn’t discoverable by a target audience. This section is when we get into the specifics of brand growth, goal setting, and marketing strategies that will make the most of a marketing budget. We talk about four different strategies that can be employed in this process as well as tactics under each that should be tested and implemented through our scientific method approach. 

  • Goal setting framework to set better goals for your brand

  • Our unique, scientific approach to determining the best marketing strategy for your brand 

  • Implementing that strategy to target your ideal audience

  • Mapping out the entire customer journey


As a brand begins to grow, there is never just one marketing strategy that will scale infinitely… strategies often have to be refined and changed over time. However, one strategy that is always effective is word of mouth advertising. This section is all about capitalizing on remarkability to get your current customers talking and get new customers knocking on your door. A truly marketable brand creates something that gets people talking and that grows without pouring more and more money into advertising. The way we demonstrate this is through a three step process we refer to as the “experience cycle” in which we help brands optimize the customer experience at every stage of a customer’s journey (from new customers to current customers to future customers). This prioritizes the story you are telling as a brand and demonstrates the clear, step-by-step, ways you can grow your brand through word of mouth advertising. 

  • How to create a recognizable brand

  • Refine the customer experience to keep more of your current customers

  • Implement tactics for building word of mouth recommendations from your audience


A marketable brand is able to scale effectively in order to reach new heights and outgrow old goals. As a small business leader begins to see growth in their brand, what worked before will not necessarily continue to work. That’s why we walk brand leaders through the best options for scaling up their brand while scaling back their direct responsibilities. As more and more work gets put on their plate, this allows them to focus on what matters most while getting the rest off their plate in a strategic way. 

  • How to automate marketing processes 

  • The best way to delegate strategically and affordably

  • How to prioritize the most important work that needs to get done

Set yourself up for success...

Without a roadmap, you (and your brand) are destined to wander aimlessly, hoping for something that works. Our proven framework is the step by step guide you need in order to confidently reach your target audience over time. But a plan is only as good as its execution and we ensure you are set up for success with that part of the process as well. When purchasing a marketing plan, we give you the information you need in order to execute the framework in-house or we’ll recommend specific marketers to do it for you from our database of experts.

Take the next steps...

3 ways to learn the framework and implement a marketing plan that grows with your brand


Done by you

Get access to all of our best training content videos to create a marketing plan on your own schedule.


Done with you

We'll host a workshop with your team and leave you with a powerful marketing plan for the future.


Done for you

We'll handle the entire process of creating a marketing plan for your brand based on our framework.

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