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Make your brand marketable in 2024

The Marketable Brand Framework is designed to help small businesses implement more than just marketing tactics but strategies to make their entire organization marketable. 

Join us for a six-week program to kick off 2024 and create a full marketing plan for your small business for the year ahead.

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Limited spots available

Included in the Program

Weekly lessons taking you through the Marketable Brand framework

Handouts, tools, and exercises to assist in the creation of your marketing plan 

Weekly group coaching calls via Zoom to answer any marketing questions

Our marketing budget calculator to determine how much you need to spend to reach your goals

Once the program is completed, you will have a full marketing plan to use in the coming year and beyond, as well as resources to continually track the progress you are making toward achieving those marketing goals. 

Why you need a marketing plan

50% of small businesses today don't have a marketing plan and are therefore spending blind when investing in marketing tactics. A marketing plan is a surefire way to streamline your marketing initiatives and to give your team peace of mind knowing that your investments will not be wasted. 

The beginning of the year is a great time for one of these plans to be established, because it sets the direction and tone for the rest of the year. Whether you're operating as a one-man-show or have a whole team behind you, this is low-stress way of investing in the future of your business. What do you have to lose?

Program Details

Though the Marketable Brand Framework isn't new, this six-week training format is... that's why we are able to offer it totally free to kick off 2024! All we ask is that you give us a review and offer your feedback on the program once it is complete.


We can guarantee this offer will not last and this might be the last opportunity to ever learn the Marketable Brand Framework totally free! Act now to save big and start the new year with a comprehensive marketing plan for your brand.  

Week of January 15: Knowledgeable

  • You'll learn the psychology behind what your customers actually want and how to create the optimal product for them. You will also learn how to best stand out from your competition. 

Week of January 22: Relatable

  • We'll translate that knowledge of your customer into a clear communication framework that you can use on your website and social media to sell more of your product.

Week of January 29: Valuable

  • Customers don't just want to hear what you do, they want to experience it. This week we will walk through the process of proving your value to customers before they make a purchase as well as creating an offer they can't resist. 

Week of February 5: Discoverable

  • Great messaging doesn't work if your customers can't find you online. This week you will learn the best channels to use for presenting your offer to the most customers. We will include our exclusive budgeting and tracking tool to keep up with the channels you choose to prioritize.

Week of February 12: Remarkable

  • It isn't enough to have a good product... your brand needs to be remarkable. This week you will learn how to create life-long customers who keep coming back to your business again and again.

Week of February 19: Scalable

  • Your marketing plan will be a waste of time if it can't scale. In the final week of the program, you will learn how to scale your marketing strategy and your business more effectively. We will also give you the tools we use to help brands in the scaling process. 

Program Agenda

"The marketing strategy [they] crafted for us was not just functional; it was also intuitive and easy to implement. [Their] tailored strategy for Blue Beacon Creative was a game-changer, boosting our digital presence and revenue. A true partner in success!"
- Alfredo, Blue Beacon Creative, former Marketable Brand Program Participant

Frequently Asked Questions

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