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Make your brand

Create and execute a marketing plan that grows with your small business


Create a plan

Implement the strategies

Grow your brand

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More than just a marketing plan

Many small businesses today fall into the trap of attempting a bunch of random marketing tactics just to be frustrated when none of them yield results. The brands that make the most impact integrate marketing with every area of their business from product development to customer experience to finances - these are marketable brands. The Marketable Brand Framework teaches small business leaders how to create these holistic marketing plans through the six pillars of a marketable brand.

Make your brand marketable

Create your plan

There are two ways to implement The Marketable Brand Framework within your organization - through a full, customized plan created by our strategists or a guided workshop for your team. 

Participate in a Workshop


We will walk your team through the process of creating a marketing plan together.


Work with a Strategist

Our team will put together a full marketing plan based on the Marketable Brand Framework.

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Execute your plan

A marketing plan is only as effective as the execution behind it. Our partner platform, Marketable Connections, allows small businesses to connect with expert, vetted marketers to finish projects effectively and affordably. 

"The marketing strategy [they] crafted for us was not just functional; it was also intuitive and easy to implement. [Their] tailored strategy for Blue Beacon Creative was a game-changer, boosting our digital presence and revenue. A true partner in success!"
- Alfredo, Blue Beacon Creative

How marketable is your brand?

Our six step framework consists of the key areas necessary for a brand to be truly marketable, covering everything from messaging to goal setting to tactic implementation. 







Small businesses without a marketing plan are more likely to:

  • Have an unclear message

  • Lose sight of long-term goals

  • Confuse team members

  • Lose money

  • Limit growth potential

  • Try tactics that don't work

Never waste your marketing budget again...


Featured on DesignRush as a top American digital marketing platform

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